glove care

Glove Care

The most common questions are:

Q: How do I wash my Leather gloves

A: Short and Simple - DO NOT WASH YOUR GLOVES

1:Leather Gloves are a skin which will shrink if they are washed just as leather clothing or leather shoes would.
You should not attempt to 'wash' your gloves in a machine or by hand under any circumstances.

2:If your gloves have a 'screen print' on them this would become damaged by 'washing' them. Unlike cotton fabrics with screen prints or heat transfers leather does not absorb the print in the same way

3:The Gloves have a protective mould insert and some styles having a special anti-shock gel insert which can also be damaged by heavy moisture soaking and agitation of a machine

If  you are wanting to remove dirt from your gloves use a damp cloth to gently wipe them down- do not use soap if your gloves have a screen print as some cleansing agents are harsh and can damage the print.
Otherwise for NON - printed areas of your gloves a damp cloth with a little gentle soap is fine.
Do not wait until they are excessively dirty before 'cleaning them'.
Allow them to air-dry completely before packing them away or ideally hang them over a coat hanger. Do not use a clothes dryer

Q: How do I deodorize my gloves

A: We are asked this often, taking good care of your gloves will extend their life and odour-free gloves are always a pleasure to wear

After use never close the straps on your gloves or return them to an enclosed bag/pouch after use - bacteria thrives in damp dark places..

If at all possible hang them by their open straps on the outside of your training bag or similar to allow them to air dry.

As soon as you are able - hang them by their straps over a coat hanger or similar and allow to naturally air dry. If there is moisture in the air and they have not completely dried to your satisfaction you can also hang them in an airing cupboard.

2:To make your own 'anti-odour pouch':

If you have a sewing machine:
-2 x 7cm x24cm piece of cotton or 'muslin/cheesecloth' is ideal- you will fold this in half lengthwise to make a pouch.
-No sewing machine - use a small hankerchief or similar
Or Recyled pulp paper or 'blotting paper'
-A piece of short ribbon or string

Desiccants-clay for absorbing odour
You can buy ready made packets of the desiccants online (yes these are what is found in vitamin bottles/ packet food) Clay Desiccants are great as they are reusable and can often be purchased in ready made pkts online

Desiccants-indicator crystals
These are desiccants which will turn a different colour when they are filled with moisture to their capacity- purchase from craft shops or similar in bulk as these are used to in the process of dried flowers
-A piece of clear vinyl - from some hardware/home imrovement or fabric stores / reuse and recycle clear vinyl pouches that products you may purchase come in - they are every where
-Craft glue or if you have access to a sewing machine even better
-Dust Mask and disposable gloves

Use gloves and a mask to ensure you do not inhail dust
If you are not using indicator crystals you can simply open your hankerchief/fabric and pour approx 1/4 cup of the desiccants into the middle and gather up the edges and tie with ribbon/string for a quick easy pouch to insert into each glove

Using indicator crystals and a sewing machine?
Use the folded cotton fabric to make a pocket for inside each glove, add a piece of the clear vinyl at one end-so you can see the crystals when they change- sew up the sides
Simply fill it with the indicator crystals leaving enough room to comfortably sew around the edges to close the pocket completely.
The indicator crystals will turn a different colour once they have filled with moisture indicating you need to change the pouch.


This is so natural its brilliant!
Go on the hunt for pinecones- often from hardware stores around winter time for fire kindling or go on a forest forrage.
Select small fallen pinecones the ideal size for inserting into each glove. They absorb sweat and odour and can be reused leaving a great pine smell.

You can use cedar chips or any other scented wood chips/shavings and tie up in a hankerchief or  similar and insert into your gloves
Slightly scented popouri also works wonders but ensure that you do not use a 'sweet' scent, use a natural pine scented pou pouri.